My husband is a real golf nut. I got him "Slow Group"
because he is always complaining about the weekend golfers. He loved it!
–D. Smithson, Boston, MA.

I received a golf photo from a friend I thought it was so great, I ordered one
for my husband called Sick Day He thougth it was funny but doesn't want his supervisor to see it.
–Mary Johnson, Jacksonville, FL.

My boss loved the golf photo I got for him. He hates playing at public courses because of the slow play.
–K. Lewis, Charleston, SC.

The service was excellent, questions answered right away.
I got the personalized photo and frame in two days.
–B. Howe, Cleveland, Ohio

My golfing buddy has a habit of phoning in sick.
When I saw this photo on the Internet, I immediately thought of him.
–T. Black, Oakland, CA.

My friend Diane is always talking about her boyfriend spending too
much time golfing and not enough time with her. I thought the
Golfer's Bedroom would be the perfect gag gift.
It was!
C. Hawkins – Raleigh, N.C.

These golf photos look great and the quality is oustanding
I looked for uniques gifts for my golfing husband and found this site
–J. Wong, Mobile, AL.

I have a golf den. My wife bought and mounted the "Golfers bedroom"
and hung it up. Hint, Hint. It looked great!
–D. Gavin, Orlando, FL.

After golf, we always have some beers. We think that's the only reason Gary golfs
He now hangs the 19th Hole in the TV room.
–Peter Bolton, Savannah, GA.